Have you done the work? Hattah 2018 is here in 6 days!

Being focused, calm and ready on the startline of any Race, Simply comes down to knowing you have done the work!

That doesn’t nessacarily mean doing more than the next person.

Intent will trump volume any day of the week.

More is only better when done with intent!

Offroad Racing is a massive mental game, and I believe it is he with the most certainty that wins.

It comes down to knowing you have ticked all the boxes and done everything within your ability and the resources you have had at hand, to Give it 100%!

When you believe you have done YOUR BEST, you know you are ready.

So that being said, this week you should be able to relax.

The work has been done. Enjoy yourself.

And even if you haven’t done as much “work” in the lead up as you had hoped, there is zero you can do about it now!

You will not get Fitter, Faster or Stronger 6 days before the event.

But you can get more Mobile (Flexible) , Calm, Focused and Nourish your body with decent Nutrition, this week so you are able to get into your Flow straight off the bat at Hattah.


Here are a few tips we give our clients in the lead up to events, that may help you be ready when the flag drops.





This is probably the easiest one to see results with in 7 days.

Mobility is key to performance, longevity and recovery. Although you won’t get fitter or stronger 7 days before an event, it is possible to increase your mobility with the right exercises! The static stretches you learned at Footy training won’t do much!

You can click this link to download a PDF through Drop Box that includes Video’s for the simplest Mobility exercises we give our clients to begin that get instant results!



I wrote a blog on this last week if you want extra info but in a nutshell, EAT MORE!

What ever Healthy looks like for you, eat more of it! You have permission to have second helpings this week!

Most people under eat, believe it or not.

Coming into a 3 or 4 hour Cross Country you do not want to be in a calorie/nutrient deficit.

You want to make sure your stores are topped off, especially the 2-3 days before the Race.

Larger portions of everything and hopefully you are including some Healthy Fats (Butter, Avocado, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil), Protein and also Wholefoods Carbs like Rice, Qinoa, Sweet Potato, White Potato etc with each meal.

Foods to Avoid are highly processed sugary foods and fried or take away foods. Fried Foods and most Processed Foods contain highly processed Vegetable Oils, like Canola etc that actually place a lot of stress on the body and cause inflammation. This includes margarine and pretty much any processed food on the super market shelf.

Do your best. 7 days before a Race is not a good time to be changing your whole Nutrition habits, so simply eat more of what you know works for you.

Hydration wise,water is important, but it is actually possible to dilute your sodium and mineral balance by just drinking too much water.

Keep your Electrolyte and sodium balance up in the days prior also by using a quality electrolyte powder in all your water and by adding  a few pinches of quality salt like Celtic Sea or Himalayan Salt to your meals as well!




If you are reading this, you are most likely not a PRO rider who is out practicing in the days leading up to the race whilst there team handles the logistics and Race Strategy!

You are most probably like the rest of us!

You have a  job, a mortgage to pay, perhaps a business to run, maybe a family to look after and then fit training and riding in there some where.

Put simply our Lives are stressful today.

When I achieved my best results at Hattah was when overall perceived stress was low, I felt calm, confident and ready.

So this week, try and de stress as much as possible. Try to make your week as cruisey and chilled as possible.

If it doesn’t need to be done, don’t do it. Let it wait till next week when you get home.

The two Mindset tips listed below are great tools for destressing, but one of my favorites is simply practicing Gratitude.

Enjoy yourself and be grateful. Its a pretty awesome experience we get to be part of racing events like these doing the thing we love most.

Keep it fun!



Racing a 4 hour till the end is straight up a Mind Game.

He with the most certainty and mental toughness wins.

I believe, being present, fully focused and in the moment is key to fighting off fatigue and the mental demons you will face along the way.

The easiest way to do this?

Focus on the Breath!

Our body is always here, always present and in the moment.

Our Mind on the other hand…. Not so much.

It will wander.

It will try and tell you you can’t keep going because your hands are cramping up.

It will start worrying about the person in front or behind you.

When this happens, you are not riding at your full potential.

You start to tighten up and make mistakes!

Focusing on the Breath will get you out of your head and back into your body, every time.

Simply by focusing on feeling the sensation of the air coming into your lungs and travelling out of your mouth again, slowly and purposefully.

Hopefully you have been practising this in training, but its not to late!

We have to breathe, to Live Life, or else it’s game over!

The question is are you aware of your breathing cycle?

Every waking moment of the day you can be practising being aware of how you breathe!

The trick is to catch yourself when you are riding and your mind begins to wander and come back to the breath.

Forget the thoughts and come back to the body.

Practising Box Breathing, 4 secs in, 4 secs Hold, 4 secs out, 4 secs hold is also a great tool to de stress.

It can also be used in combination, with this tool, Visualisation.

Practice visualising a dress rehearsal in your head of how you expect things to unfold.

Every top level Athlete in any sport uses this tool and you can to!

The Body achieves what the mind believes.

If you have practiced something in your mind, then there is a far greater chance of that happening for you on the day.

But what if it doesn’t?

Well just like Life sometimes we get challenged!

If you fall down, get back up, take a deep breath, and have another crack.

A race like Hattah, just like Life, will test you.

It will Challenge you in every aspect.

It will ask you just how much you want it.

It will make you work for it and it will hurt!

Most of all. have fun, do it with a smile on your face and Give It 100%