Glutes- The Powerhouse


Here is a tip > Focus on the Glutes!
Last week I spoke about tight Hips… The opposing problem most people face and one of the big factors behind lower back pain and even knee pain, is a weakness of and an inability to fire the Glutes solidly.

Again as modern day humans we spend too much time sitting, which

1. Shortens Hip Flexors and

2. Turns Glutes into Custard!

Hip Mobility is Key, but should always include Strengthening of the Posterior Chain, Hammies and Predominantly Glutes, they are the Prime Movers.

When these are weak…. Guess What? Lower Back and Knees get overloaded and experience pain!

The simple fix is to mobilise Hips and Strengthen Glutes and Focus on the Posterior Chain!

That’s Why Strength Training and using a Barbell is key to building a Bulletproof Body, because everything else we do on a daily basis is doing it’s best to take it away from us.

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A portion of our warm ups is always dedicated to hitting the Glutes and Feeling those babies Burn, as shown here!

Obviously, using a Barbell with Movements like Deadlift variations, Bent Over Rows, Kettle bell Swings etc are great but to perform those movements really well, we want a super strong connection with our Glutes.

The problem with Deadlifts, Swings, Bent Over Rows etc is the chain of command.

Hamstrings are firing first from the bottom of the pull then Glutes second.

If your Connection and firing pattern with your Glutes is weak or poor, then the hammies will do most of the work.

So some sort of Isolation of the glutes is a great idea to maximise that connection and neural pathways.

These are great in warm ups and also after prolonged periods of sitting eg end of a day at work or travelling to and from a race.

Throw them in your warmups in the Gym and at the Track!

Check out vid here

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