The Godfather of MX Coaching Ryan Hughes is coming to Australia!

When I was a junior MX and Offroad Racer, coaching wasn’t really a thing!

I mean I had my Dad barking orders at me (Thanks Poppy G!) but for us, it was really just figure it out as you go!

Especially when it came to anything off the bike.

We really had no idea.

I am 38 years old. 20 + years ago there was no Internet! Might be hard to imagine for some young punks these days!!

But there was no Insta, FB or Youtube. I remember watching Crusty Demons for the first time when I was nearly 18.

Not much help in prepping Race fitness and Nutrition in there!

Basically we guessed our way through most of my career.

I still got some ok results but my health suffered.

I fuelled myself with Processed Shit, lots of alcohol, and Sugary foods and ended up Pre Diabetic at age 32.

I also did very little Off Bike training and certainly zero mobility/flexibility/strength training, I just rode my Moto A LOT, and my back started playing up in my late 20’s.

I could ride a MX Bike pretty well but my quality of Life in other areas was poor!

Basically I made a lot of mistakes and ended up not loving life.

A big part of what drives me now is helping people not make the same mistakes I did, so they can live a better life too.

Fast Forward 20 year’s!

Now we quite possibly have information overload! Everywhere we look we get bombarded with marketing, ad’s etc with “The best way to Eat” or “The best way to train”.

So I don’t blame people when they feel confused!

With this constant overload of external information can come a constant comparison of others as we view there highlight’s reel on Social Media and it can be sometimes very hard to wonder if we are doing the right thing.

That’s a big part of the reason why I became a Coach.

When I started to work on myself and correct my Health and regain my Mobility and Strength, I started to realise becoming Strong, Mobile and Healthy (basically bulletproofing my body ) was actually very simple.

I wanted to share this with people in my home town of Yackandandah and also people who shared the passion of MX and Offroad so I could help people not just get better results but ultimately avoid the ill effects that poor Nutrition and poor Movement Quality has on ones Life.





Well, Ryno is one of my longtime hero’s!! And to put it simply – The man speaks my language!

I want to learn from the best, and in my eye’s he is just that.

I want to be able to provide the best service possible for my clients so they can get the best results they can, so when the opportunity arose, I reached out to Ryno to come to OZ and run some school’s.

Firstly, I am drawn to Ryno because of his Holistic approach to riding dirt bikes, training the body and life in general.

It is an approach I also share and believe in.

Like I said above a lot of the things included in a Holistic approach are actually very simple – not always easy, but simple!

I am sure you would be well aware as a dirt bike racer/rider that when Life is in Flow, you can ride in Flow.

Simply, the better things are going in day to day Life, the better you will inevitably perform on the bike!

So what tools do you have in your tool box to keep your body and life in flow on a day to day basis?

And what happens when it’s not? When the chip’s are down and you get challenged?

What tools do you use then to keep your head up and maintain Flow?

Life is like one big MX or Offroad Race!

You won’t always get the Holeshot and lead every lap.

Sometimes you will get knocked down and have to fight your way through the pack.

The more tools we have in our tool box and the more we practice them on a day to day basis, then the easier it becomes to maintain forward momentum and not get stuck in a rut!

And that’s basically what a Holistic Approach will give – more tools in your tool box to use on a daily basis to build strength and maintain Flow in Body, in Mind and on the Bike!


Secondly, Ryno is obviously a kick ass riding coach too! Like any skill, technique is key when it comes to riding a Moto!

He breaks it down like no one else I know. Simple.

Like I said before, when I was growing up riding coaches were non existent. Now like most things we are flooded.

I think it’d be hard to argue with Ryno’s experience on and off the track.

Now does on track experience make you the world’s best coach? Nope!

But it sure helps!

What makes a good coach is the ability to communicate, and relate to clients.

What makes a good Coach is a thirst for knowledge and a constant pursuit for refining there craft.

I have been speaking with Ryno regularly in preperation and I can tell you without a doubt he possesses both of these qualities.

And that’s also why I am so excited to be able to learn from him too.

I don’t claim to be the world’s best coach, but I am committed to Giving 100% Effort to getting better and learning from the best, in MX Coaching, Health & Fitness and Strength & Conditioning, so I can refine my craft, to better myself, firstly as a Dad and Husband, secondly as a Coach and of course for my clients results and quality of Life.

Life is just like winning a championship.

It’s a process! And when we think we have it figured out, we start to go backwards. I used to live this way…. I became very stale!


Now I am a forever student. Everything can be refined.

I have a new found love for Training and Riding, because I enjoy the process so much!

There is always something new to learn and implement. Always.

That doesn’t mean what you (or I, or anyone else) are doing is wrong!

We simply make decisions based on the current amount of skills, knowledge and experience we have up until that point.

There is no right or wrong. There is only decisions.

And when we learn, new skills knowledge and experience, we can refine our decisions.

We are lucky enough to be bringing Ryno to Australia to Coach 2 x 3 Day Clinics at Wonthaggi MX Facility in Victoria, to share his skills knowledge and experiences on and off the track.

If you would like to be a part of it please check out the Event Details here 


I can assure you we will be in for something very special over these few days we get to spend riding with and learning from a true legend of the MX world!


I look forward to meeting some of you there!


Until then, Give it 100%