To us, 100% Strength means Giving 100% Effort and having the Strength to take on any challenge that comes your way. It’s about a steady progression in Strength, Skill and Confidence towards your Best Self.

Maybe you’re a Mum or Dad who wants there old body back or perhaps a Motocross/Offroad Athlete who wants to realise there True Potential, we will assess you for previous injuries and current mobility and movement patterns and tailor you’re program to move you towards you’re specific Sporting or Life Goals.

Our method of training is called Connected Strength. We believe everything about Optimal Performance and 100% Strength, is built on a better Connection, with our bodies, ourselves, the foods we eat, and the people closest to us.


Programming targets Mobility, Pre Hab and Re Hab of previous injuries, Skills Training, Strength and Conditioning with an absolute focus on technique before load and tracks your weekly and monthly progress with bi-monthly check ins and accountability so you know you’re training is moving you forward.

As part of our Holistic approach all our Members gain access to our Online Members only Portal which has hours of video and PDF content on everything Mindset, Nutrition and Lifestyle to Optimize your habits and performance outside of the Gym. We have 168 hours in our week. Reaching your true potential includes what you do outside the Gym as much as inside.

Like our Programming in the Gym we meet you where you are at, and give you the tools to move forward one step at a time, so you can Give It 100% each and every day.

Environment is everything.

Where not your average Gym…. There are No Mirrors, No Machines and No Judgement.

We provide a Fun, Safe, Supportive yet Challenging Environment so you can Grow.


Our Mantra at 100% Strength is, Give it 100%. We aim to help you find you’re 100%, whatever that is for you. We value our clients Goals and work with you and tailor your program to suit you’re individual needs.

We believe we can all have a positive impact on the world and it starts with Leading by example. We practice what we preach. We don’t ask anything of you we wouldn’t ask of ourselves.

HEAD COACH – Ben Greenwood

Ben is the founder and Head Coach at 100% Strength. He is an ex PRO Offroad Racer and has always had an interest in his fitness.

When his health began to suffer, and after becoming a Father, Ben took a deep dive into learning about Nutrition and gained a deeper understanding of how the body works.

He has now turned his efforts to helping others reach their true potential, after realising he probably didn’t get the best advice throughout his career, and that optimal performance, can actually be quite simple!

He has completed his coaching studies with Real Movement Project, also being mentored by 5th Element Wellness in Melbourne, and continues to be mentored by the leaders in the Health and Fitness Industry of Australia to continually feed his thirst for knowledge and a newfound desire for growth.

Ben has a vision to have a positive impact on every one of his clients and to help them value themselves and the choices they make, to live Long, Healthy and Purposeful Lives.