Online Training

Ben is an Ex PRO Offroad Racer, and offers Online training options designed to specifically suit Offroad and MX Racers.


After having a successful career as a PRO level Offroad Racer, Ben’s health and performance took a dive at the end of his racing career, leading Ben to wonder Why?

He then took a deep dive into Human Performance and Nutrition, completing his Coaching accreditation with a 12 month Real Movement Project Mentorship , & then further mentoring and accreditation with 5th Element Wellness, Precision Nutrition, and also Level 1 Applied Strength, Power, Speed with Woodford Sport Science Consulting .

In 2018, Ben ran a week long MX Training Camp with MX Legend, Ryan “Ryno” Hughes from the USA who emparted his years of knowledge and wisdom around race craft, technique and training on Ben.

Ben has most recently started a podcast with a regular monthly segment with Coach Robb Beams, from Complete Racing Solutions,  who also provides guidance with his 35 years coaching experience.

Ben has combined his 30 years racing experience with the last 3 1/2 + years of applied coaching of clients, to evolve our 100% Race Ready Programs, to get you results, whilst improving your health, wellness and longevity, with science backed methods to not only boost your performance, but monitor your progress and ability to recover along the journey.

Our Race Ready Programs provide

  • Access to hours of video lessons in our Race Ready Members Site, a resource with video lessons on Mindset, Nutrition, Movement (STRENGTH/MOBILITY/SKILL), Recovery, Riding Technique & more!
  • Techniques, protocols and daily practices to sharpen your mental game, build self belief and eliminate all self doubt so you can dominate on Race Day!
  • Nutrition guidance. Recipes, PDFs & Knowledge on how to fuel yourself for performance.
  • Training blocks, periodized to suit your goals and time of season, that teach you correct technique, and how to build strength, & aerobic capacity safely and consistently to improve strength, endurance and efficiency on the bike.
  • Structured protocols to improve both Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning and energy systems based around your required goals.
  • Testing & tracking, every 8 weeks to ensure you are progressing in both Strength and Conditioning.
  • Targeted mobility correction for the key areas effected when riding so you bounce and don’t break if you hit the ground.
  • Recovery protocols, and monitoring, to allow your body to rest and get all the gains from your training so you can back up on race weekends and leave the competition in your roost!
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group, especially for our clients, with added content, videos and up to date tips on performance & recovery.

We provide 3 options starting with our “Warrior Package”, which gives you monthly access to our online members site, & a 6 month periodized training  template, with several options depending on your goals and schedule, for Juniors, Adults beginning their fitness journey to experienced athletes, with 3,4 & 5 day a week training options depending on your schedule! ***All this for only $15 per week!!

We then offer our “A Grade Package”, which is fully personalized programming and accountability, and gives you all the tools to monitor and track your critical markers of progression and recovery. Includes weekly e mail check in, and 30 minute 1 on 1 call every 2 weeks.

Our top shelf “Pro Package” is 1 on 1 Online mentoring, where we are essentially your live in coach! Checking in personally on a daily basis, tracking your markers to assess your recovery from the previous days training and “Live programming” to adjust the days protocols to suit., given your ability to recover. Includes daily monitoring of bio feedback markers, weekly 1 on 1 30 minute accountability & coaching call.

All our programs, even at our base level, are delivered via TrueCoach App, to your phone with daily accountability, & better yet, Real Coaching on your technique! You have direct contact with Ben via the app & can upload videos so Ben can coach you on your form to ensure you are training correctly so you get the results you deserve! The next best thing to having a personal trainer, at a fraction of the cost!

You don’t need to be a “Pro” Racer to do our our Pro Package. You just need the desire to reach your true potential!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner with little training experience, or a PRO who wants to win an Aussie Title, we have an option to get you to your future goals.

Riding Moto is one of, if not, The most demanding sports on the planet. This means it is super stressful on your body! We simply need to support this so you can not only boost your performance, and your recovery, but also your longevity in the sport you love.

So is it time to invest a little in  yourself and actually reach your true potential?

Our program will have you Race Ready, 100% guaranteed!

If you follow our program to a T and don’t get results we will happily refund your money! 100%!

All you need to do, is show up and do the work.

Click the Testimonials & Personalised Programs button below to watch some testimonial videos and find out how to book a call to discuss our more personalized online training options…

Alternatively you can get instant access to our Members site and a Race Ready training template, Via TrueCoach, to suit your goals and schedule right now by clicking the Race Ready Subscription button below to sign up to a monthly Race Ready subscription, for only $60AUD per month ($15/week!). There is no lock in contract and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You are just a few clicks away from reaching your true potential!


Give It 100%!